Water Pump Controller Using 8051


Water Pump Controller Using 8051

Water pump controller Using 8051 Project help to us for control water pump of our house for maintaining our water tank automatically.  In this project, we use a sensor to detect the water level in the water tank by a sensor and send that data to Microcontroller. Microcontroller unit takes that data and reacts on it. In this project, we show you how to make the sensor, Control unit, Motor Drive in this post we.  The Submarsbal is switched OFF once the overhead container or tank is FULL. Here, the water level of a tank has been indicated on LCD (Liquid crystal Screen ). Utilizing this method, we could prevent the flow of their water.

Water Pump Controller setup
Water Pump Controller setup

Within this method, water sensing could be accomplished using a pair of 4 wires, that can be placed at several levels inside a tank. DC provides probe is placed at the bottom of the tank.

We provide some information about this project is given hear

  • How to work Water Pump controller system work video
  • Principal how water level indicator work?
  • Circuit Diagram of projects.
  • Component List of a project.
  • How to design project(Working).
  • Algorithm
  • Installation of Water level Indicator
  • Application of this projects.
  • Future aspect.

Let’s we discuss this topic.

How to work Water Pump controller system work

In this project, we can part in the three-part that is since the Water level In water tank via Water sensor. Water sensor, there are two probes in it and one is a potential probe that may be ground or VCC and other is input signal it senses that potential via water than it gives an output to the controller. Sensor unit we use LM358 IC For detecting a signal is coming from water or not.  If a signal is not Comming than it gives one or zero but when a signal is not coming then it gives another signal zero and sends this signal to Controller.

Control unit receives that signal and reacts according to our coding which inbuilt into it and order to our motor drive Circuit for a run water pump and switches off a pump.

Relay driver circuit is getting signal from a control unit and according to that signal, it became on and off the relay and as well as a Motor pump.

Simulation video for Water Pump Controller

Principal how water level indicator work?

This system mainly functions on a principle which”water conducts electricity”. The four wires that are dipped into the tank may signify that the various water levels. Depending on the outputs of those wires, microcontroller screens water amount on LCD in addition to controls the submersible pump.

After water level reaches a half degree, then LCD screens HALF and motor run.

After the tank is full, LCD screens FULL and engine automatically stops. Again, the submersible runs when a water level in the tank gets LOW.

Circuit Diagram of projects.

Circuit Diagram of the project Water level indicator or water pump controller is given below.


Component List of a project.

There is such component require for making this project listed below.

  1. 16x2Charector LCD x1
  2. 8051 based controller we use (AT89S51) x1
  3. USB ASP Programmer x1
  4. 11.0592 MHz Crystal oscillator x1
  5. 33pf Capacitor x2
  6. 10uf 25v capacitor  x1
  7. 1N4007 Diode x4
  8. 1000uf 25v Capacitor x2
  9. 104 pf capacitor x2
  10. 12v relay x1
  11. BC547 transistor  x1
  12. 2N2222 transistor  x4
  13. 1k resistor x4
  14. 10k resistor x2
  15. 4×6 copper plate x1
  16. 5 wire connector x1
  17. Bug connector x1
  18. tools
    • Soldering machine
    • Etching agent
    • wire cutter
    • Wire Stripper
    • Soldering wire

How to design project(Working).

  • First configure the Control Hooks P0.0, P0.1, P0.2, and P0.3 as inputs and P0.7 as an output signal
  • Currently, initialize the LCD.
  • Continuously assess the water level input pins P0.0, P0.1, P0.2 and P0.3.
  • If all of the pins are reduced, then exhibit tank as”EMPTY” on the LCD and produce P0.7 pin HIGH to operate the engine mechanically.
  • When the amount is reduced i.e. if P0.0 is HIGH, exhibit the water amount because”LOW” and continue to operate the Submersible pump.
  • A HIGH heartbeat on the trap P0.1 suggests that water has attained half amount. Thus, display exactly the exact same thing on LCD and operate the engine normally.
  • Now, make the P0.7 snare as LOW to Switch off the water pump mechanically.

Installation of Water level Indicator

In this Water level Indicator or water pump controller project, we use sensor probe that installs in a desirable position in our water tank and turns on the device.

Other circuits that is relay Circuit connect to the water pump Switch for on and off the water pump.

Application of this projects.

    • This project uses where we away from our water tank like high rise building, house with two or three floors than it is very useful for knowing how much water in our water tank.
    • This project is used for saving water, time and electricity for avoiding manual switch and wast of the water.

Future aspect.

  • In future, we add some sensor for knowing water level at submersible or underground water source.
  • We add GSM Communication for knowing the current detail of the system on our mobile if our system is used on our farm and it is very far from us.

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