How to make a Tesla coil

Make Tesla coil at home
Make Tesla coil at home

Tesla Coil


In this post, we discuss Tesla coil which is a very simple but very interesting project for a student of school and college because this project creates an electric field and by this electric field we energized phosphors of CFL and glow that bulb. For creating this electric fields we use two coil one is primary and second is a secondary coil for creating an electric field.


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  • What is Tesla coil?
  • How to make mini Tesla coil?
  • Component list for this projects.
  • How does Tesla coil work?
  • The concept of this device.
  • Circuit diagram of this project.
  • Buy Component link.

What is Tesla coil

It is an electrical project for creating a high electric field. Original Tesla coil is a basically oscillator. we use this for creating a very high current at very low current. This Device use for a study to a high voltage potential. Tesla coil can create a voltage from 50 k to Malians of voltage. but today we make a small mini Tesla col.

How to make mini Tesla coil?

you can make Tesla coil by watching this video. In this video, we show the whole process of making this incredible project.

Component list for this projects.

For making this project we use some electrical component which is listed below

  • 1 x 2N2222 Transistor
  • 2 x 10k Resistance
  • 1 x On-Off Switch
  • 1 x 9v Battery
  • 25 x meter 26 SWG isolated Copper Wire
  • 1 x Battery Cap
  • 1 x meter Breadboard wire

How does Tesla coil work?

In the original design, we use spark gap for creating a high-frequency radio signal but today in this project we use a 2N2222 transistor and due to primary coil oscillation and response of secondary coil field we create a high frequency. Hear 2N2222 is used as a switch to oscillate power supply voltage over primary coil. Primary coil oscillation pushes up a voltage across the secondary coil at very high voltage field Due to this Electric field phosphorus energize and glows it.

The concept of this device.

This coil work on basis of a Resonant transformer. Because hear primary coil of the device and the secondary coil are perfectly resonant for generating a high voltage.

generally, we use the iron core for coupling electric field of one coil to another secondary coil but due to Eddy current loss, we do not use iron core here.

Circuit diagram of this project

Here is a complete Circuit Diagram of a Miti tesla coil.


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