Robotics Training

Robotics Training Module

Industrial robotic arms
Industrial robotic arms with empty conveyor belt 3D rendering

In Robotics Training module we make a various type of robot and operate robotics arm. Here we study Robotics engineering and make a robot which is operated by remote, computer or by self. It means that we study all machine which reduces our effort like Robotics arm, Robot, CNC Machine etc.

Robot Body
Robot Body



Course Detail of Robotics Training

  • Study of Robotics Engineering
  • Robotics Sensor Study
  • Design Body Structure and Controlling
  • Logic Designing and Coding
  • Make live Robot for study and Examine the logical error.
  • Study of Requirement report and execution.

Study material

We use this tool for our Study

  • Arduino Uno board
  • Stepper Motor Module
  • Servo Motor Module
  • DC motor Module
  • Various Sensor Module
  • AC/DC Analog Input-output study