How to make Printed Circuit Board step by step

PCB Designing at Home
PCB Designing at Home

How to make Printed Circuit Board PCB at Home

Hello, Friend today we’ll Learn about How to make Printed Circuit Board step by step at home.

In this Article, we discuss PCB Fabrication and also answer the related question to it.

So first we ask some question that is.

  • What is PCB?
  • Which things require for making PCB?
  • How can we make Printed Circuit Board at home?
  • Where can we use PCB in our Life?

Let’s show the answer to this all Question from MyECLab

What is PCB?

First of all, PCB Stands for Printed Circuit Board (PCB). This Cube circuit is a circuit on board which printed on the copper plated plate. In the PCB thin layer of Copper deploy on nonconductive Material Like Epoxy, Fiber Plate or laminated material. Conductive Trace Made on Plate By using Etching Process which is we learn in this post. After printing Trace, we connect Electronics component on it Like Resistance Transistor, IC(Integrated Circuit), capacitor, Diode, Led, And other Component.

Which things require for making PCB?

There are only a few things require for making PBC That is a Copperplate, Etching agent (Generally we use FeCl3 Etching Solution), Print of Circuit Diagram on glossy paper by Laser Printer if you make this at home. Otherwise, you directly print on a copper plate by screen Printing. One Container for containing PCB for each.

How can we make Printed Circuit Board at home?

There are five steps for making PCB that is listed, Bellow.

  1. PCB Designing,
  2. Printing,
  3. Etching,
  4. Drilling,
  5. Soldering,

all this fabrication step of PCB Designing is Show in this Video and also give full detail in bellow Description.

Step 1:-

PCB Designing

Firstly you have to make PCB circuit on a computer or make by a permanent marker on paper by Permanent Marker pen.

There is many software require for PCB Designing which is listed below.

  • Diptrace
  • Eagal
  • Proteus
  • PCB Wizard
Printed Circuit Board designing software Diptrace
Printed Circuit Board designing software DiptraceDiptrace

You can use any software from it for making PCB Designing, but if you follow us than Use Diptrace 300 pin Free student version because we use this software in it, you can also download from this link. This Software Look like This image you can see full image by click on it. And make Design for your Circuit.

Step 2:-


In this Step, we print the Diagram of our Design on Copper Plate, So we use one of the method from it that is

Print by Permanent Marker

In this method, we directly Drow our Design on a Copperplate. Or you can also buy ready made PCB From PCB Power.

Screen Printing

In Screenprinting, we print like visiting card and or by using a screen for printing this design on the copper plate

Tonner Transplant

tonner transplant
tonner transplant

It is a straightforward method for beginners because in this method we need the only printout our design on glossy paper. Put this design on a copper plate and put a hot iron on it for 6 to 8 minute and remove after cooling down which shown in this video.


Step 3:-


Etching process
Etching process

In etching Process, we make a solution of FeCl3 in water and make that printed board in it, and etching solution dissolves that copper which directly contacts with that solution and copper which covered by ink that remains as it is and after this remove this ink by scrub this is our track for connection.

Step 4:-


drilling process
drilling process

In this step make a hole using mini drill machine also placing a component on a PCB Board for soldering ensure to make a mess where pads put in the design.



Step 5:-


Soldering process
Soldering process

In the soldering process, we sold all that component which shown in a circuit Design. Also, make sure that location of the element as same as Circuit Design.


Where can we use PCB in our Life?

In our Daily Life, we use Printed Circuit Board Everywhere from our watch to our car. Here is the list in which Printed Circuit Board used.

  • Car
  • Bike
  • TV
  • Refrigerator
  • AC
  • Washing machine
  • Laptop
  • Computer
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • Sound system
  • Mobile charger
  • Mobile
  • TV Remote
  • watch

given product is an only few but in an endless thing, we use Printed Circuit Board, and this PCB Is use everywhere.

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