Line Follower Robot


Line Follower Robot

In this Line Follower Robot post we show that what is Line Follower Robot and how it is work and how to make it. It is straightforward electronics project, and anyone can make it easily make it by following this few stapes. We have to know what we know before making it and how it turns over the black line.

So let’s go,

There are mainly two part of the Robot that is Body, and other is Drive Circuit

Part need For Line Follower Robot

  • Body
    1. Base (Card Boarder or Metal cheches)
    2. Motor (BO Motor for Drive Cart)
    3. Wheel(For Drive Robot on a surface)
    4. Caster Wheel(For balance body of a robot)
  • Drive Circuit
    1. Sensor (IR Proximity Sensor)
    2. Motor Driver Circuit (L293D or L298 Motor Drive Circuit)

Both Parts of Robot show in this Image for helping of the assembly of the robot

Line Follower Robot Body Part
Line Follower Robot Body Part

1  Body:

Here we use Claim Board for making a shape of a robot but we can use wood and plastic as well Now we select a 4X sheet for forming a robot body because of it a very easy to cut and easy to mount with the motor. We use BO Motor For making a wheel assembly of a drive. Now use one caster wheel for balancing a body of a Robcar. Which clearly shown in the video

Body Sheet(4X Sheet) * 1

BO Motor * 2 (With 2 Wire Connector)

Wheel * 2

Caster Wheel * 1

2 Drive Circuit

Drive Circuit is a central part of the Line Follower Robot because of the drive both BO Motor for making Robot on Black or White line. We need one thing which detects the white and black color, so we need a sensor which detects that color. In this place, we use IR sensor for detecting a tone, but we need a two-color sensor one for a left turn and second for right corner but it is only one side which identifies the only line but not drives a motor. So according to color, we need a motor drive circuit for drive left and right engine run so we use L293D Motor Drive IC for drive robot we can also use L293D Module or L298 Motor drive module.

This Pathfinding robot scene path of Black line on a white surface and change direction in this manner which is shown here in this image

Line Follower Robot Path
Line Follower Robot Path

In this image, we show that how robot changes the according to IR sensor output at left side left sensor to sense the black line so right motor run and right. IR Sensor Does not detect black light, so left side motor stops, so our robot move is left side direction, in the same manner, it makes turn right. when both sensors read black line than both motor run simultaneously and run in front direction You can also learn about Robotics in our Robotics Training session and if you want to show how to make this Robot with Full detail show This Line Follower Robot video

Circuit Diagram for this Circuit is here you also download by click on an image.

circuit diagram of line follower robot

3 Coding

This Image clearly show that this is a line follower robot without microcontroller because there is no need any microcontroller to drive this robot so no any kind of code required for it so don’ worry about coding but if you want to make a robot with microcontroller than you can also learn about it by using this link.

You also download the full report by click here.

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