LED Blinking Circuit

LED Blinking Circuit
LED Blinking Circuit Diagram

LED Blinking Circuit

LED Blinking Circuit Is a Very Simple evergreen electronics circuit and It is beneficial for beginners. Generally, we use two transistors it is also called Bi-stable Multivibrator. Today I’ll show you How to make Two Flashing Light in just 10/-Rs.

For making this circuit, we provide this video as a guideline.

Video of LED Blinking Circuit

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First of all start to making this project we need some Thing that is listed below

Component List

  1. LED ( x2 No color Matter)
  2. Transistor 2N2222 ( x2)
  3. 1k Resistance ( x2)
  4. 10k Resistance ( x2)
  5. Capacitor 10uf 25v ( x2)
  6. 9v Battery ( x1)

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In this circuit, we connect all this component in a manner shown in a circuit diagram of it. You can also Download this Graphical Circuit Diagram of LED Blinking circuit By clicking on this link or by click on Image.

Blinking led circuit diagram

LED Blinking Circuit
LED Blinking Circuit Diagram


In this circuit, both LED are connect in astable Multivibrator mode of a transistor. In this circuit initially, one capacitor of 10uf is more charge than other due to imbalance one transistor be active and other nonconductive due to this current flow capacitor fully charge so after this that capacitor active another transistor so that transistor make the first transistor off and this process repeats forever and both transistor glow one by one.

Use of This LED Blinking Circuit

  • This Circuit work For Blink a decorative Light Like “Diwali Light.”
  • For Counting Porpous we use astable Multivibrator and use for generator Clock Frequency
  • You can also use this device for generator sequence with variable frequency

Similar thing

This Circuit also known as LED Flashing Circuit.

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LED blinking circuit is also made using another thing like using an NE555 timer or using a microcontroller like 8051, Arduino and any other.

12v flashing LED Light project is also done by this idea but if you want all this project than we not recommended make this project using free component and not only direct on PCB. First, you make this project on make blinking LED light on a breadboard if it works correctly then make on PCB.

Application Blinking LED Light

  • Use in a timer circuit
  • You can use for flashing sidelight of a vehicle
  • Applicable for generating a clock pulse
  • doorbell ringing mechanism

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