Home Security System Using GSM with 8051 Microcontroller

GSM Based Home Security System
GSM Based Home Security System

Home Security System Using GSM

We need Home Security System because Safety is a significant challenge anyplace because thefts are rising over a day and tight security required systems in houses, industrial complexes, and businesses. Several traditional techniques are readily available to maintain home protected from intruders, but most popular smart house security systems operate on wireless GSM communicating. Such systems offer protection from natural, incidental, designed, accidental, casual and human-made issues by continuously tracking homes with distinct sensory systems such as movement, smoke, gas, heat, glass split or doorway split sensors and fire security systems. Which shown in this picture.

General Diagram of Home Security System

Home Security System
Home Security System

Home Security System or house automation can reach by embracing the necessary controls to control home appliances or devices which feel various factors using appropriate detectors. The key facet of this system is that a sensory system which gathers the parameter data. That data is temperature, flame, individual existence, gasoline, etc. and sends the corresponding information to the microcontroller or another chip. And Report to a user according to that situation.

Block diagram of a Home security system.

Home Security System Block Diagram
Home Security System Block Diagram

Which Sensor Use in this System for Protect Home from a thief?

It is composed of different sensors like PIR detectors for detecting human existence to open or shut the doors; LPG gas detector to find the gas footprint in kitchens and, a smoke detector to detect the presence of flame. It’s also possible to include a temperature detector, camera and other sensing apparatus for enhancing the safety of houses.

Use of sensor

In this System, there are Many sensors uses for Detect desire and thief which list is as follow.

  • PIR Sensor for Detecting Thief presence
  • LM35 Temperature Sensor
  • MQ2 Smok Sensor
  • Doorbell assist system
  • Flood sensor
  • Rain Sensor
  • IR Sensor

Detail of all sensor.

8051 Controller

Here we use all DC Sensor for detecting Presence of phenomena.

Control Unit(8051 controller unit Whole Circuit) apparatus create alarms of different types using buzzers; fire and doors exhauster operations are controlled by utilising motors. These devices behave upon the controls led out of a microcontroller.

Microcontroller work: Here indeed is the center of the system wherein the central processing of information occurs. 8051 microcontroller gathers the information or data from several sensors and contrasts it with adequately prescribed limitations. By receiving the detector signals, it requires the corresponding path of actions by sending orders to the output apparatus.

GSM Module

GSM Working:- It is made up of a SIM card and works over a subscription via a cellular network. It’s an incredibly flexible plug-and-play apparatus capable of connecting to a PC or some other microcontroller’s serial port through MAX232IC. This IC used for converting the TTL logic levels for serial communication.

Circuit Diagram Of Home security System given Bellow.

Circuit Diagram of Home Security system
Circuit Diagram of Home Security system


Layout Diagram of Home Security System given below

Layout Diagram of Home Security system
Layout Diagram of Home Security system
Component Diagram of Home Security system
Component Diagram of Home Security system

Within this method, an LCD directly linked to the port1 of the microcontroller; ADC into the port0 along with also a matrix keypad into the port2.

Sensor Connection

  • A smoke sensor is on the interface 1.0; a temperature detector LM35 plus a Light Dependent Resistor (LDR) are all linked to the station 1 and 2 of the DC output on the 1.1 and 1.2 pin of 8051 Controller respectively.
  • This program continuously tracks the prevailing conditions of the houses at a specified time by obtaining the detector values. Analog detector values of temperature and mild illumination delivered to the ADC where all these can subsequently convert into the comprehensible microcontroller terminology as digital values. These electronic values contrasted with the pre-stored worth of this microcontroller.
  • If these values transcend the predefined limit, then the microcontroller turns light and ac systems together with the support of relays.
  • Likewise in the existence of smoke, fire sensor gives signs to the microcontroller, so the exhausting fire system is switched on.
  • Matrix keypad permits a user to enter the password to unlock or lock doors. Thus, if an individual enters a correct password, then the microcontroller sends appropriate signals to the motor driver IC to start or shut the door. If an individual comes incorrect password, then this program turns out the alarm system if it’s a case of passion.
  • These events’ data transferred into an individual cellular utilising GSM modem. The GSM modem is responsible for sending the condition of the temperature, lighting, smoke, etc. to the user, into some distant mobile from the controls of a master microcontroller. And it gets the much away user SMS to restrain the devices like doors, lights and other appliances in houses.

The scope of the Home Security System

From the above Description, an individual can declare that the remote monitoring and communication with houses through GSM technologies is comfortable and also operated by mobile and economical method wherein an individual handily makes conclusions to oversee their property. Keeping in perspective a number of the easiest GSM based jobs, the following are a few extra jobs for grad students which based on GSM technology.

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