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Home Automation Systems and Applications  By Arduino And 8051

Home automation system of the home:> Now a day we use almost all thing Automatic where all system run on automatic Electronics platforms, like Automobile Industries, Mobile Industries. This system not only is safe but also make our life easy.

Secure Home System
Secure Home System

At the home place and any other places. Home automation systems are useful, and it is a merge of electronics, mechanics and artificial intelligent wherein the efforts of human replaced by the machine to operate various operation in homes.

In this system appliance automatic controlling of a home using embedded technologies and controllers over the operating system, It may be a laptop, Computer, mobile or Microcontroller.

What is a Home Automation System?

Smart Home
Smart Home

A Home Automation System Operate all home appliance of the system remotely for more convenient use and also saves the energy in the form of electricity, heat or any other ways at the end it saves money of user.

generally use a wireless medium in a home automation system for detecting the user movement, room temperature, room humidity or room light intensity for operating a light, bulb, fan, air-conditioner automatically it may be on or off for use this thing or off automatically fore save electricity.

Today we show you we operate this all thing by our mobile because Home Automation System is a hybrid system which is not made by fully automatic because sometime user wants to use that thing manually.

Video of Home Automation System using Arduino

All the process for making Home Automation project shown in this video after watching this whole video you also need some specific component to do this automation project which is listed below

1 Arduino(Uno) http://amzn.to/2HcgkrC
4 channel relay board http://amzn.to/2G3LrWV
1 HC-05 Bluetooth Module http://amzn.to/2HgZCqL
1 small Breadboard http://amzn.to/2oWOiJ7
10 Some Jumper Wire http://amzn.to/2tmF7XL
112v 1Amp Adaptor http://amzn.to/2G3ikTF

you can also buy this product online or from a local electronics component shop

For project report, you also need a circuit Diagram for this projects so graphical diagram for home automation given below. And you also Download this clear image by clicking on this image.

Home automation system Using arduino
Home automation System Using Arduino

After completing this circuit, we need code for a run this automation by our mobile for Arduino that is

void setup() 

pinMode(8, OUTPUT);  
pinMode(9, OUTPUT);  
pinMode(10, OUTPUT);  
pinMode(11, OUTPUT);  
pinMode(12, OUTPUT);  
pinMode(13, OUTPUT);


void loop() 
unsigned char x; 

                  digitalWrite(12, 0);delay(1);
                  digitalWrite(11, 0);delay(1);
                  digitalWrite(10, 0);delay(1);
                  digitalWrite( 9, 0);delay(1);
                {digitalWrite( 9, 1);delay(100);}
                {digitalWrite( 9, 0);delay(100);}
                {digitalWrite(10, 1);delay(100);}
                {digitalWrite(10, 0);delay(100);}
                {digitalWrite(11, 1);delay(100);}
                {digitalWrite(11, 0);delay(100);}
                {digitalWrite(12, 1);delay(100);}
                {digitalWrite(12, 0);delay(100);}

                  digitalWrite(12, 1);delay(100);
                  digitalWrite(11, 1);delay(100);
                  digitalWrite(10, 1);delay(100);
                  digitalWrite( 9, 1);delay(100);
                  digitalWrite(12, 0);delay(100);
                  digitalWrite(11, 0);delay(100);
                  digitalWrite(10, 0);delay(100);
                  digitalWrite( 9, 0);delay(100);


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