How to make IR Sensor

IR Sensor Circuit diagram
IR Sensor Circuit Diagram

Make IR sensors for obstacle detection

An IR sensor is widely used as a sensor in Electronics Circuit for detecting an object and a non-transparent thing. So in this post today we show how to make IR Sensor at home. The whole method of how to make this circuit given in this video. after all, you want to make this

We need some Component for making this circuit and component list for IR Sensor circuit given below. We make sure this video help you 100% for making project otherwise you have to refer this whole post.

Here we also make this Sensor on Copper PCB besides Dot PCB.

component list for IR Sensor circuit

  1. Dot PCB (For mount Component on it)
  2. 9v Battery(For Power Supply)
  3. LM358 IC(For Compare reference and I/P voltage)
  4. IR LED(For transmitting IR Signal)
  5. Photo Diode(For receiving IR Signal)
  6. 1k Resistance
  7. 100 Ohm resistance
  8. Buzzee

Circuit Diagram for IR Sensor

IR Sensor Circuit diagram
IR Sensor Circuit Diagram
Schematics Diagram for make IR Sensor
Schematics Diagram for make IR Sensor


This Diagram of Sensor Circuit design by Diptrace Software you can also download it from the official website of Diptrace and download 300 pins free version as Student Use Only.

How to make IR Sensor process

By using this Schematics Diagram, you can quickly make IR Sensor. This video all the process step by step show in this video to make this sensor by watching this video once you make this IR Module than you can use this module at various place like in different electronics Circuit list of a circuit where IR Sensor Use show Below

  1. Line Follower Robot
  2. Obstacle Avoidance Robot
  3. Car Parking system
  4. Water level Indicator
  5. Heartbeat monitoring System, etc

As much as a component given in the list, but we don’t include tool use for doing this project like soldering machine, Wirecutter, Wire stripper, etc.

Working of IR Sensor

In IR sensor there is two part of sense object that is an IR Transmitter and Receiver and one piece for compare and gives an output of the sensor that is comparator (LM358 IC).

IR Led Transmit IR Signal when IR Signal strick non-transparent object that returns toward the sensor. Photo Diode, receive that signal and give it to the comparator if some signal received by Comparator, it provides an output that indicates object’s presence but if no signal received by the comparison than it gives no production means no purpose detect by Sensor Which clearly shown in this image.

Require Software

If you have Circuit Diagram and you want to make this circuit on Copper Pcb Than we need Pcb Designing software like Diptrace, PCB Wizard, Eagle, etc.

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