How to make Clap Switch

Clap Switch Thumbnail
Clap Switch Thumbnail

Make Clap Switch At Home

Clap Switch is an intriguing hobby circuit that turns on the lights using by any high sound. Though its title is “Clap Switch”, but sometime it could be switched ON by any other sound Because this Device hears an only sound it does not distinguish between clap sound or other. The most important part of this clap switch circuit would be that the Condenser Mic, that has been utilized as a sound detector. Work of Condenser Mic is receiving sound and also convert into an electric signal, which in turns utilized to activate Toggle Bit circuit, via an NE555 Timer IC for triggering.

I’ve created this circuit as much as easy possible with giving a circuit diagram and video, it is possible to discover lots of complicated Clap switches with a few more parts inside, and only doing exactly the identical thing. Make matters easier need more effort than creating it complicated.

How to make Clap Switch video show hear

Video source:-Learn With Fun Technology

For making this Video we need some components listed below

  • Microphone x1
  • NE555 Timer IC x1
  • BC547 Transistor x5
  • Relay x1
  • 1N4148 x2
  • Resistance 1K x8
  • 10ufd Capacitor x3
  • 0.1ufd Capacitor x4
  • Terminal Block x2
  • PCB x1
  • FeCl3(Etching powder) x1

Working Of Clap Switch

Here we use Mic for Receiving Sound Signal and it gives to an NE555 timer IC For comparing Sound Level when It detects the high sound than it gives trigger to Transistor for change bit status that is one to zero and zero to one.

Functional Circuit Diagram of Clap Circuit Give hear.

Clap Switch Circuit Diagram
Clap Switch Circuit Diagram

This Circuit how to Fabricate PCB Watch How to make PCB From Circuit Diagram Video

In this Circuit, We first connect mic in front of the Circuit and that mic receives the sound signal also send to the BC547 Transistor for amplifying that amplifying sound goes to the NE555 IC for comparing that sound are cross the desired value of potential.

When NE555 IC Receive that voltage than it gives a trigger to the Two transistors which are connected as toggle Bit generator that gives output to relay for a run any device according to the Clap Sound.

Hear Toggle bit generator change status of output at every clap and also operate Relay Operate during One output of the toggle bit generator and off during zero output. So when you first clap than Relay Became on And During Second It turns off. You can connect anything from that relay switch.

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