Battery Level Indicator

How to make Battery Level Indicator

Battery Level Indicator Circuit

Battery Level Indicator is widespread use in our life, but we never judge it. Yes in the mobile battery indicator and also not think about why we do not use in this idea for any other battery.

That’s why today we make a battery level indicator for a battery to know about battery voltage status for a cell which is inbuilt in our bike, car, Home inverter. So let’s go.

This video is for make Battery level Indicator.

In this project, we make Battery level indicator using Arduino, and also we define 8-Level for show battery level hear four yellow led indicate low battery voltage and needed to be charging. Green LED Indicate battery level is okay as well as Red level Show now fully charge and no need to charge a battery.

In this youtube video, here we show you how to make this circuit, but You also need something for doing this project which given here.

component and layout diagram of Battery Level Indicator.

battery level Indicator component place and Layout
battery level Indicator component place and Layout

Component List for Battery level Indicator Projects is

  • Copperplate 4*3 x1
  • 28 pin IC Base x1
  • 2Pin Terminal block x2
  • LED x9 (Any Color)
  • Potentiometer 10k x1
  • Resistance 10k x10
  • Resistance 10e x1
  • Crystal 16 MHz x1
  • 7805 x1
  • 1N4007 x1
  • Push Button x1

How to work Battery Level Indicator

Battery Level Indicator work based on Voltage compare voltage for know level of potential in the battery. Here we use Arduino for doing this projects whose circuit diagram give hear furthermore in this circuit. We connect two battery for know of battery level. One for Run our network and second for monitoring.

A voltage of second battery applies to the Arduino ADC Of Arduino receive this voltage threw Potentiometer because we can use battery over the 5v. We set potentiometer for that maximum voltage of the second battery to 5v which is a maximum limit of Arduino’s ADC read signal.

After this all set we code Arduino for Run and Indicate LED for Voltage Level, Due to potentiometer If a voltage of a second battery is maximum ADC Receive 5v and If a voltage of a cell is half than ADC Read 2.5v. According to this Arduino on and off the LED in additional Arduino code is also given below. Now finally, we do our whole project.

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