Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence robot brain
Artificial Intelligence robot brain

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

Hello, friend today we’ll discuss artificial Intelligence. Now a day Human Mostly Depend on the Machine. A human Like a machine because now the machine does not work like static but it became smarter. We give a brain to a machine for performing a thair work properly and in a desirable manner. A brain of the machine contains some algorithm for doing some work that is called artificial intelligence but not only it but artificial intelligence include sense something by self, Learn From their previous task,  update its algorithm by self, and make its own decision self for continuous our life. So today we discuss some topic that is

  • What is Artificial Intelligence?
  • How Artificial Intelligence help us?
  • where we find it?
  • Some Example of Artificial Intelligence.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence robot brain
Artificial Intelligence

An Artificial Intelligence is a technique for Machine Basically it related to Electronics Device. In electronics system, we use a circuit to run our device According to our logic that is used in almost every electronics device which able to do more than one task. that is work on a program which is developed by Developer. Some Example Of this ‘thing that is called Embedded System’ is Washing Machine, Microwave Oven, Refrigerator, Radio, TV, Etc. but in Artificial Intelligence its logic give to them to learning from Experience and adjust there input-output and Sensor reading and performing work as like human. Artificial Intelligence Device can take own decision. Your Smartphone is one example of Artificial Intelligence because not fully but it takes some decision self like Where it became silent, adds the location of photos where you take, reminds you some notification, Some application reply automatic your message.

How Artificial Intelligence help us?

In robotics Technology, we widely depend upon the electronics medium because many calculations make easy and lightning speed which cannot do by a human at that place we need a machine to complete that work. but when we research some algorithm than Than we Require this technology because this machine can study that parameter and adapt something that is very easy to understand by human and we learn something new from that technique.

Let’s take one example for general programmable and Artificial Intelligence(AI) robot

Line Follower Robot and Maze Solving Robot

Line Follower Robot is a robot that is a simple example of Embedded system in which we program a robot for a drive on a Black or White Robot on other hands maze solving robot run on the maze, solve the maze, find the Shortest path, and next time it runs than select the shortest path. It means that robot take its own decision for next run so it does not drive so long and it saves time and energy by just taking their shortest path.

Line follower and Maz solving robot look like same but the brain or programming are different and maze solving Robot has there owned intelligence for solving the maze algorithm which is clear in this image.

Image of robot

This robot work like line follower robot as well as Maze solving Robot.

Here we show you it’s testing Drive in this image which shoe left and right rule for solving a maze.

Rule of maze solving robot
Rule of maze solving robot

Hear normal robot without AI path is this but first, it runs on the path that remembers its path and minimizes and next final path is shown in this image.

hear we show that once our robot runs on path and second time it reminds path and take the shortest path which is shown in this figure. It means that we don’t give any instruction for walking on that desired path but robot take their own intelligence and that decision is very helpful for us for saving electricity and time.

where we find it?

Now a day we are not able to make a fully artificial intelligence robot because natural intelligence is more complicated than we think. We have lots of emotion like angriness, Happy, Joy, Roode, Nervous, serious, etc. and also we use many senses simultaneous line skin, Eye, Ear, nose, tongue, etc. but we almost correlate then but not in perfect manner. Because of we react on action or instruction and situation but the system(Robot) can not self we have to explain to them how they behave at that point we use common sense but they have not for reacting like a human. so we use this technique in some specific place

  • Purchase Prediction

  • Security Surveillance

  • Fraud Detection

  • Online Customer Support

  • news Generation

  • Music and Movie Recommendation Services


Some Example of Artificial Intelligence.

Example of Artificial intelligence is listed below

  1. Robotics Technology
  2. Personal assists
  3. Smart Car
  4. Video Game
  5. Home Security System
  6. Smart Phone
  7. Smartwatch
  8. Automation System

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