Advance Embedded Training

Advance Embedded Training

Hello friend, first of all, What is Embedded training and Advance Embedded training?

So the answer is that course 

The course content of Advance Embedded System.

  • Embedded C
  • 8051 Structure programming
  • File Handling
  • Wireless PC to PC Communication
  • Study and Implement Communication Protocol
    • UART
    • I2C
    • RC5
  • Communication
    • GSM
    • RF(Radio Communication)
    • Bluetooth Communication
    • LCD Display
  • Advance Communication protocol designing.

Meor project designing as an exam.

Embedded System

embedded system sensor based projects
embedded system sensor-based projects
  1. In Embedded system you learn about how to make an embedded system and learn about an embedded system. So in an embedded system, we create a project with Hardware and software.
  2. You use some tool for making this system, like Arduino, Avr Studio, Keil according to their requirement. Depending upon which controller use for making system we use a separate tool for it.
  3. In the embedded system, we learn about the coding of C Which include loops, Function, Instruction, Variables, condition, header file, and any other parameter of C language
  4. In Embedded System We work on a various type of sensor, LCD, and an input-output device.

Advance Embedded System

Advance Embedded System Training
Advance Embedded System Training
  1. In Advance Embedded system you learn about the embedded system. In additional we learn about a various type of communication protocols. So we create communication-based projects it may be wireless or wired
  2. hear we also work on that tools and as well as learn some more tool for check our system and monitoring tool also.
  3. In the advanced embedded system, we learn about file handling and create our own header file and use that one header file in another project.
  4. In Embedded System We work communication protocol also work on a project which contains some kind of wireless or wired data transmitting issue.

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